Throughout the years of business, we have realized it is valuable to provide scheduling tips to make your experience with 5 Star Chimney Services, Inc a pleasant one. We would like to share them here with you so you may use them when scheduling your appointment.


  • Scheduling an appointment with us is very easy. We want you to know, our busiest time of the year is July – January. During this time, it may be a bit harder to find a time slot that works with your schedule. For a more flexible schedule, Spring is the best time to schedule a cleaning or an inspection so you are ready to use your chimney prior to the next heating season.


  • When scheduling a cleaning, don’t forget about your furnace flue. Furnaces are used all throughout the heating season and the furnace flue needs maintenance too. Your oil company services your actual furnace but does not service your furnace flue for you. Our office managers can schedule both your fireplace and furnace flue cleanings together at a discounted rate.


  • After scheduling your inspection and/or cleaning, please be sure not to use your fireplace for 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow enough time for everything to cool down to keep our technicians safe during an inspection and/or cleaning.


  • Here at 5 Star Chimney Services, Inc we are pet people and we know many of you are too! Although, we ask that you lock up your pets so there is not a chance of your furry friend escaping while our technicians are coming in and out of your home and yard.


  • Please ask questions! Our technicians and office staff know that you may not have experienced a chimney cleaning before whether you are a first-time fireplace owner or your family members took care of the chimney in the past. We want you to have peace of mind.


  • Schedule for the future. While you have them, schedule with them. Our technicians will help schedule your next annual chimney inspection and cleaning appointment. You will lock in this years price and get an early bird discount! We will send you a reminder in the mail for your convenience.


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