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Leave Chimney Pointing & Masonry Repair to Our Expert Masons

There’s no doubt about it: The weather here in the New England area can do a number on our masonry chimneys. The rising and falling temperatures paired with the rain, sleet, and snow can break down mortar joints, cause spalling brick, and leave our chimneys weaker and less attractive than they could and should be.But if your chimney is looking the worse for wear, you can count on 5 Star Chimney Service to make the repairs.


Our masons are some of the best in the industry, and we specialize in repointing mortar joints, repairing spalled brick, and restoring chimneys that have been damaged by time and weather.

Here’s a little bit on how we can help…

Chimney Repointing: What It Is & How It Can Save You Money Over Time

If you are starting to see missing mortar between the bricks of your chimney or even crumbled mortar falling onto your roof, it may be time to get an estimate for a chimney repointing.

When we repoint a chimney, we grind out old, worn, and receding mortar joints and pack in new mortar. We create a mortar mix that matches the surrounding mortar in color, texture, and strength so that our work strengthens and enhances the chimney, rather than making matters worse.

Why repoint your chimney? Is it really that big of a deal if mortar joints are missing or starting to crumble?

The truth is, if mortar joints are missing or starting to crumble, matters will only get worse with time. It’s significantly more cost-effective to point a chimney than it is to rebuild it, and in some cases, it could easily cost four to five times more to rebuild the chimney. Maintaining your chimney now by investing in minor repoint work will save you major money down the line. So, don’t put off repairs.

Spalled Brick: What Causes It & How We Make Repairs

Have you noticed the facing of some of the bricks on your chimney popping off?

Spalled brick is typically the result of the freeze/thaw process. This happens when water enters porous brick on the exterior of the chimney and then freezes when temperatures drop below freezing. This process causes the facing of the brick to pop off.

When you see spalling brick, what you’re seeing is the superficial damage. But keep in mind that it’s likely that most of the damage could be lying beneath the surface.

If the damage is minimal, we can just replace the damaged brick. But if the damage is substantial, we may need to either rebuild that portion of the chimney or parge it with a bonding cement to keep it strong and free of moisture.

Let’s Get Your Masonry Repairs Scheduled, So You Can Enjoy Your Chimney for Decades to Come

Is it time to show your chimney some love? Whatever masonry repairs your chimney needs – whether minor or major – our technicians can tackle the project for you. We stand behind our work and we know you’ll love the results. So, don’t put off repairs – call or request an appointment online today.


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