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Think you may have had a chimney fire? Chimney fires can be disastrous for chimneys and homes, but with the increased use of solid fuel-burning appliances these days, chimney fires are actually a common occurrence.

If you’ve experienced a chimney fire, maybe you think that, because the chimney fire wasn’t loud or didn’t spread to other areas of the home, the damage can’t be that bad. But the truth is: even small chimney fires can cause significant damage to the chimney. And it’s not always the heat that causes the damage.

In fact, a lot of damage is caused by the sudden temperature change within the flue liner. The drastic increase in temperature causes the clay tile flue liner to expand too quickly, and that expansion causes cracking and other damage. This process is called thermal shock.

Once flue tiles are cracked, the flue liner can no longer provide adequate protection against heat transfer during future fires. Which means even a small chimney fire can make your chimney unsafe for use.

Don’t leave your family at risk. Get the peace of mind you need to enjoy your fireplace moving forward by calling 5 Star Chimney Service.

Chimney Fire

The Importance of Inspections & Sweepings After a Chimney Fire

If you’ve had a chimney fire, we’ll perform an inspection using video scanning equipment, which will allow us to see your chimney flue – top to bottom. This 360-degree view will show us where damage is, so you’ll know what repairs need to be made before you light another fire in your fireplace.

We’ll also sweep the chimney and remove any soot or creosote inside the chimney. Creosote is highly flammable and can easily cause another chimney fire if buildup is bad enough. So, it’s imperative that creosote be removed before you use your system again.

No matter what your chimney system needs, you can count on us to take care of it. We specialize in repair and restoration services, and we stand behind our work, even after warranties have expired. And keep in mind, most insurance companies insure damages resulting from chimney fires, so contact your insurance company to see if your loss is covered by your policy.

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Think you may have experienced a chimney fire? Don’t use your fireplace again until you’ve had our team on-site to look your chimney over. It’s not worth the risk when getting the quality service and effective maintenance you need is so simple.

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Whether you need a chimney rebuild or a brand new chimney built, you can count on our chimney repair experts to do the job right.