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Protect Your Chimney With a Chimney Cap or Damper Replacement

There are a few things that can really destroy a chimney: rain, snow, sleet, animals, and birds. But the good news is that a quality, well-fitted chimney cap can keep all of these things out.

Chimney caps are an integral part of sustaining the life of a chimney. They keep most of the rain and snow from entering the interior of the chimney flue, and they keep birds, squirrels, and raccoons from entering and nesting inside. But unfortunately, caps can blow off during storms – and sometimes caps rust or fail over time.

When this happens, your chimney flue is It’s easy. Click here.Having your chase cover replaced now can save money on chimney repairs in the future. But if your chimney cap is missing, rusted, or just no longer doing its job, we can help.

We offer a multitude of chimney caps in stainless steel as well as copper – both incredibly reliable, rust-resistant, and long-lasting – and our caps are custom manufactured in the Tri State.

Some of the caps we offer:

  • Flat lid
  • Hipped lid
  • Tile-mount
  • Top-mount knock down
  • Outside mount
  • Single flue
  • Multi-flue
  • Big Dripper

And because our caps are manufactured to last, you don’t have to worry about inclement weather causing wear and tear over the years. You’ll know your chimney is protected.  

A Top-Sealing Damper or Damper/Rain Cap Combo Can Save Your Bacon

Good news: we also replace dampers!

If you need a new damper, don’t replace yours with a conventional throat damper. These dampers are inefficient and prone to rust and damage because of where they’re located in the chimney system. Instead, invest in a top-sealing damper, the new industry standard.

Top-sealing dampers are significantly more efficient because they have a tighter seal, with a gasket that won’t allow the heat from your home to escape to the outside. That means you’ll save money on energy bills and find it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, no matter the weather outside.

Another advantage to these dampers is that they are easier to operate and can be adjusted while the fire is burning.

Easier, more efficient, money-saving…what’s not to love? We offer a standard top-sealing damper and a damper/rain cap combo – just let us know what you prefer!

Get the Protection Your Chimney Deserves – Call 5 Star Chimney ServiceToday

Keeping your chimney protected against weather and animals just got easier – call 5 Star Chimney Service, and let us replace your cap and/or damper today with something that will last. Prefer to request an appointment online? It’s easy. Click here.

Having your chase cover replaced now can save money on chimney repairs in the future.