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A leaky chimney can be an absolute nightmare for homeowners. For one, it’s hard to determine what’s causing the leak, and the longer the source remains a mystery, the longer you have to wait to fix the problem. With each rain or snowstorm comes a new wave of anxiety.

How much money will repairs end up costing? Is the leak an easy fix or will it be another unplanned, major expense? And how do you know that the company that fixes the leak will provide a long-term solution?

Take a deep breath because you’ve got 5 Star Chimney Service on your side.

We’re New Englands chimney leak troubleshooting and repair experts, and we’ll put a stop to your leak for good. It all starts with an inspection…

During an inspection, we’ll look at some of the most common contributors to chimney leaks, like these:

The crown – The crown, the area that covers the chase on a masonry chimney, may have deteriorated due to weather and/or poor construction. If this is the case, we can either repair and seal the existing crown or build you a new one that will last for decades.

The masonry – The masonry of your chimney stack isn’t impervious to damage, and water can wear it down and erode the mortar joints over time. If this is the case and you have missing or eroded mortar joints, we can restore the masonry with our repointing services.

The flashing – The flashing (or layered metal sheets at the base of the chimney where it exits the roof) could be to blame for your leak. If the flashing has rusted or lifted, it may no longer be providing a tight seal in this vulnerable area. If the flashing is the cause of the leak, we can replace and seal it to keep water out for good.

The chimney cap – If the chimney flue is not capped off with a quality chimney cap, that could be the reason you’re seeing water in your fireplace. After all, an uncapped flue has no protection against the elements – water will be able to come right down the flue whenever it rains or snows. If your flue is missing a cap or if your chimney cap is no longer protecting your chimney, we can simply replace it with a new cap that’s built to last and custom-fitted to your chimney.

Of course, you may not have a leak at all. It could be that the moisture you’re seeing is simply condensation from a high-efficiency gas or oil furnace or boiler with an oversized flue. In this case, we may need to reline to provide the appliance with a properly sized flue liner.

But no matter what’s going on, there’s one thing you can count on: We’ll get to the bottom of it.

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Finding the origin of a leak can be difficult, so don’t allow other companies to play the “process of elimination” game with your hard-earned money. Leave it to the experts.

When you call on 5 Star Chimney Service, we’ll meticulously look over your chimney and quickly get to the heart of the problem. And once we identify it, we’ll offer you an effective, long-lasting solution, so you can rest easy.

Let’s take care of that leak. Call 5 Star Chimney Service or request an appointment online today. And don’t forget to ask about our chimney waterproofing services. Waterproofing is an economical and highly effective way to prevent water damage and keep your chimney standing tall.


Our experts can determine if you need chimney pointing and masonry repair. Our training and years of experience mean you can rely on our chimney repair services